10 tips for writing a better press release

Content Writing Services Tips : 10 tips for writing a better press release

Communication as a tool can be used to achieve various objectives. When launching a product or when you have to communicate something with the press, you generally do it with the help of a press release. Not only for launches, for the announcement of a big event also a press release, is the answer. But for the press release to have the desired effect, there are a certain rules to be followed.

Here are ten tips which will help you write better press releases, so that the desired effect can be achieved with the press release:

• When writing a press release, always remember to include the 5Ws and 1 H in your write up. The press release will be incomplete, if it does not give out the information regarding what, when, who, why, where and how? If you want the people and the press to be interested about your big announcement, including the 5Ws and the 1 H is crucial.

• Keep it short and simple when writing. The KISS rule never goes out of style when you are writing, especially a press release. A long word or a long sentence simply ruins the spirit of the press release.

• The press release can be connected to any product catering to any industry, hence when you use acronyms, always explain them the first time you use them in the release. This will help the audience and the readers understand the press release better.

• The same rule applies for jargons too. Since the press release is intended for the people, who might or might not belong to the same industry, using jargons can sometimes confuse the readers.

• Maintaining a professional tone throughout is essential when writing a press release; hence it is an official declaration.

• Before you submit or publish the press release, take enough care to proof read it or check spellings so that the press release carries a good first impression.

• When writing a press release, always make sure the language can be understood by anyone, simplicity of language and expressions is the key here.

• Headlines are also important, considering the fact they can be used to draw your attention, keep the headlines short but clear.

• When writing a press release, always talk about the facts. This will make the readers genuinely interested in your announcement without going gaga over uneventful news.

• When writing a press release, do not use the first person, instead using ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’ sounds better.

Keeping these pointers in mind, you can definitely write a better press release, which will have the desired effect.

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