Different types of content writing services.

Content Writing Services Tips : Different types of content writing services.

Writing for the web implies much more than mere article writing. There are different works you can do to make money and these are some of the common web writing type of services that may be good for your clients.

Web Content Writing

Web contents can have varied purposes and are designed to educate, inform and entertain.  Recently, keyword rich contents are written to augment search engine rankings. The few types of web content worth considering are:
SEO content. This is written focusing search engines or is designed to attract readers and search engines.
Authority Web content. Authority content is the value type of web content and it attracts more readers and keeps them coming back. Their credentials offer authority to contents.
Blog Posts. These fall under the SEO content and authority web content. However, they differ from traditional articles. You need to keep it conversational.
E-books.  These are e-books ghost written. You can sell it for residual income done on a larger scale in comparison to articles.

Content writing is the king and so writers need to maintain the text and its meaning. This is a popular freelancing activity that earns a good income. Earlier, a writer was an academic book writer or a journalist, a non-fiction or a fiction writer. While, today the powerful media, the internet has evolved with various content writing for websites and these include:

Article writing. This is the basic form of writing involving customer requirements and evergreen topics such as weight loss, travel, shopping and hotels.

Copy writing. This requires language expertise such that it should be convincing and persuasive. Copywriters are in good demand and even writing sales letters is earning high.

Press Release Writing. A piece of news worthy enough is posted as press releases. This includes strict honest news.

Technical Writing. This requires strong commanding language and knowledge as it includes writing about programming, engineering or medicine.

Apart from the above there is Ghost writing, Forum Posting, Editing and Proofreading, Reviews, Journalistic Writing, and more.

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