What do you mean by the term branded Content?

Content Writing Services Tips : What do you mean by the term branded Content?

In the field of advertising, branded content is a fairly new medium. It brings together both elements of advertising and entertainment and blurs any kind of distinction between the two. It is intended to be primarily distributed as a highly branded quality of entertainment content and is generally funded by a company or brand rather than a movie studio or a producers group. Branded content is used in events, film, internet, video games, music and television.

Meaning of branded content –

As mentioned earlier, branded content blurs the line between an advertisement and entertainment. A company’s or a brand’s content could be case studies, reviews, articles, games, testimonials etc. The difference between non-branded content and content that is branded is as simple as non-branded content not adhering to a brand’s vision or philosophy and as such is not targeted at a single demographic. On the other hand, branded content is directly targeted at a specific demographic and the produced content will always be as per the guidelines of the company or the brand.

Good branded content –

Good branded content needs to entertain, educate and inspire its viewers. In order to be successful, branded content has to have the right mix of both the elements of advertisement and entertainment. It needs to be designed in such a way that it kind of tricks the viewing into believing that they are watching a short film or something that does not constitute an advertisement in its real sense. Many successful branded content campaigns effectively blend the advertising message and integrates it into the story telling process ensuring that the required information is passed on to the viewer.

Benefits –

Today, branded content serves as an extremely effective advertising tool. Well made and entertaining branded content can work wonders for its company. It greatly helps in ensuring that their product is being sold successfully. It further helps in bolstering the image of both the product being sold and the company selling it. The other benefits are better customer relationship, an improved retail presence and of course increased sales.

Statistics prove that nearly 82% of consumers prefer to read branded content that is relevant to them. In addition, reading branded content makes 60% of customers much more convinced about a company or a brand. With branded content becoming popular by the day, it may come as no surprise if in future it is hard to differentiate between branded and unbranded content.

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