Ecommerce Product Content Writing Services

  • Best Quality Content for Category and products
  • SEO Optimized Product Titles and Descriptions
  • Enhanced Product Features
  • Verified Product Specification Sheets
  • Promotional content for Blogs, buying guide
  • Market News & articles to boost traffic

Ecommerce website Content Writing Services

A website rich in useful and informative content is loved by all readers and target audiences. This is the primary reason why content is said to be the KING that increases sales and traffic to your website significantly. If the website includes unique, informative, relevant and compelling product content on the website it would have pulled much higher traffic. To get the best ecommerce seo results from your website, you must hire ecommerce product writing services from us and we would do the rest.

Our company Tiger Pug offers a vast range of product content creation services for all kinds of web stores. The refined content we provide is aimed at improving your sales by providing the consumer accurate, precise and relevant information about the product displayed online.

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Our content development services include:
  • Category Descriptions
  • Product Titles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Features
  • Product Specification Sheets
  • Product Blogs
  • Product FAQs
  • Product Video Scripts
  • SEO Content
  • Buying Guides/How-to Guides
  • Consumer Reviews
  • News Releases
  • Educational Articles
  • Multi-lingual Content
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    Category Descriptions

    Description in the categories is important because they give you a brief picture of what the category deals with and what are the special products in their corner. Moreover, category descriptions also improve the rank of pages greatly as they give it a complete look and increases the traffic for category pages in ecommerce websites because in the content is embedded the traffic pulling keywords relevant to the website products. Our proficient team here creates authentic, descriptive and SEO-friendly content for the category pages of your website thereby introducing all the key features of the category to the target audiences. These contents often act as a buyer's guide and help to determine the suitable purchase.

    Product Titles

    Product titles should be direct, descriptive, short and crispy - just what the product says in the shortest possible way. Tour team creates detailed, consistent and descriptive product titles that too keeping in mind the relevant search keywords so that it attracts traffic. Moreover, a suitable title also allows the consumer recognise the product correctly and identify one's need.

    Product Descriptions

    Product descriptions are essential in today's dynamic web business domain as they give the buyer an idea of the product - they are authentic, accurate, precise and detailed. Our team of writers skilfully create detailed product descriptions of around 100-300 words. We make sure that the descriptions have all the relevant keywords that will pull the traffic to your website and also the information collected from authentic sources.

    The product descriptions we provide are enriched with valuable information like features of the product, target audience, usages of the product, advantages of the raw materials used in the product and so on. We strive to write these descriptions in a very simple and easy-to-understand pattern so that it can reach out to all age groups. Writing product description is not easy and it takes time and lot of research and can only be done by professional company who provide product content writing service.

    Product Features

    A product when uploaded in an ecommerce website, it should always have a list of features that enables the buyers to get the precise and exact idea of what the product is. Ensuring accuracy, precision and basic understanding of the product, we provide a complete list of product features in our client's ecommerce website and try to give these features in bullet points so that the buyer gets the view of each feature clearly. This orderly system of quick overview has proved to be one of the key selling points of the products in online business as they are just the perfect way of providing web information in a business website.

    Product Specification Sheets

    Product specification sheets are alike blueprints containing the exact details about the product or service, thus its requirement is well justified in ecommerce websites. These sheets define what the product or service is, its functions, the benefits and costs, and also how to obtain it. Our team here provides you with something more than just an outline of the project as we strive to give each and every specific detail as we source information from multiple online sources.

    Our team enters the information in a standardized format to help the consumer make an up-to-date decision. Our team also has the capability of converting the tables into HTML formats in order to enable easy uploading on our client's ecommerce website.

    Product Blogs

    Product blogs are probably one of the fastest tools to promote a company's existing products with little return on investment. It provides an excellent avenue to build network in similar domains, also increases company visibility and product exposure.

    With proper SEO optimized content in product blogs, a company can enjoy significant increase in sales and also direct interaction with consumers. Our talented team here creates effective blog posts that focus on specific categories, product features and a range of other business related websites in order to help promote their business entity.

    The content for blog that our writers deliver, offers detailed information about your business, products, services, and the categories. We ensure to hyperlink the targeted keywords from the posted blog to your business website or product/category pages and ensure the increase in traffic that later improve rankings on the search engine.

    Product FAQs

    Often it is seen that buyers keep searching the different pages of a website, still pondering on some points that are not mentioned in the pages and they close the website being disappointed. Our clients usually do not face such situations because we create product FAQs which can answer the most commonly asked questions in a structured, engaging Q&A format filled with relevant keywords and links.

    This ensures that all the queries of the prospective consumers are answered at a single touch point and they are not seeking information on products/categories elsewhere. These pages serve as a helping guide for the consumers while they check the buying details on an eCommerce website.

    Product Video Scripts

    A product video is extremely useful for buyers when they are purchasing products like cell phones, notebooks, a new company's make up kits etc. These videos give a real life touch to the product and bring the authenticity factor alive for the product.

    Since the buying medium is virtual in eCommerce websites, such videos are essential to give the buyer a quick user manual kind of effect. The scripts for product videos include the key features of the product, advantages and benefits of the product and also user friendly nature of the product.

    By ensuring that the information is optimized correctly and easy to understand by the viewers, we create the product video scripts with compelling language, highlighting the consumer friendly nature of the product.

    SEO Content

    SEO content in any website makes a huge difference, and when it's an eCommerce website that is meant to attract target audience, SEO job is highly beneficial and lucrative. Such type of content invariably increases the popularity of the website by making its rank noticeable on a search engine.

    Our efficient writers' teams offer SEO content for ecommerce as well as different vertical of websites in order to promote your online brand or business. The SEO content services include providing of Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Keywords and Alt Tags.

    Using relevant keywords, we can create exact content to support your on-page SEO efforts. Additionally, we also create promotional marketing content to boost your business in the online world.

    Buying Guides/How-to Guides

    A website of ecommerce should provide the necessary details about buying, ordering, shipping, payment options and details etc. Thus, we have come forward with a knowledgeable team who conduct extensive research on your products, compare them with competition, and create informative buying guides that will help your consumer make a choice. Well-written buying guides including relevant keywords and links play a big role in boosting ecommerce sales by generating traffic and improving conversions.

    Consumer Reviews

    It is a known fact that consumer reviews drive surplus traffic to your website from other social media sites and many surveys have proved that the businessmen who regularly share reviews on their social media networking page, experience an increase in traffic back to their company website.

    Moreover, reviews are the most common form of online research, which increases the browsing time on your website by to 100%. Our team on the first hand conducts an in-house research and has discovered a good basic review system that has significantly increased the browsing time of our client's websites.

    On average, the ecommerce website of our clients' has received the double browsing time from their online visitors. Further, we also gather authentic consumer reviews for the products by seeking feedback from actual consumers either through e-mail or phone. We do not involve into any kind of mock reviews that can mislead the consumers. Our registered process can help produce authentic reviews from real customers on a regular basis.

    News Releases

    Off late, the significance of news releases is hitting the market greatly. Before purchasing anything online, the buyers have become more conscious about the quality and the money they are spending to buy the product. They themselves make a market survey online to get the various news and updates about the product. In also helps to enhance the business as the news creates an awareness and curiosity amongst the buyers to use the product actually.

    Of course, the first criterion to provide news releases about any newly launched product is 'authenticity of information', any fake publicity does not give positive results for long and can bring a black spot on the company's reputation. Thus, we make every possible effort to provide the best and accurate news release services for your product launch or new business promotion.

    The press releases we provide aim to inform potential customers all about new product, portal or business launches in the digital world. In news releases, we provide detailed information with appropriate keywords and links to relevant category/product pages or sites that helps to drive traffic to your website.

    Educational Articles

    Products on eCommerce websites are not merely selling items; the cyber domain has encouraged the generation and sharing of useful information related to those products in the form of articles.

    These educational articles are extremely helpful for the buyers as they give an extensive idea of the product and its related issues like maintenance, significance, tips to use them etc. Our best lined up writers create educational articles for your product and categories on a regular basis which can be posted either on your website or on third-party websites to drive traffic to your website and for promotional cause.

    Such articles help invoke the interest of the consumer product in the category or the product line and keep him glued to your eCommerce website. There are many websites that are specifically for article submission and accept educational articles that are linked to the client's eCommerce website. Often it is seen to happen that a buyer ends up buying more products than what he planned before.

    Multi-lingual Content

    The cyber domain has gone global long time back and majority websites are launched exclusively in English. However, with the differentiation of products, there are bound to be various classifications of target audience as well, catering to a regional client is our special attribute.

    Many clients also want to translate the existing information into other regional languages to make it more accessible to specific buyer zone. We help translate your product and category content in all leading international and also regional languages.

    The translation services we provide for eCommerce domains focuses on local sensitivities and product preferences in the regional area and our team of experienced translators specifically get the content translated in an accurate and localised language for your target audience, thereby enhancing the traffic and business revenue.

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