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  • Expert Product Categorization
  • Get Product Price Comparison
  • Verified Product Information
  • Enhancement of Product Information
  • Complete Product Information Management
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Product Information Management services

To do proper business online, you just cannot leave behind the powerful tool of an ecommerce website. With thousands of products / services a business provides, it becomes a challenging job to include all of them in an orderly manner in your online store - now, the part of worrying for this online job can be left behind as we realize your requirement the best and help you to get the job of portal managers done effectively in the easiest and most affordable way.

Handling an ecommerce website is not merely managing and updating product information online, but there is more to it that drives the traffic to your site. Our proficient content management and product information management team offer the best efforts that assure you to meet your business needs.

Our Product Information Management services include:
  • Product Categorization
  • Product Price Comparison
  • Product Information verification
  • Product Information Enhancement
  • Product Information Management Services
  • Product Categorization

    An ecommerce website is extremely useful for the business that deals with huge number of products. When there are too many types of products, a categorization method helps the views to understand the features and utility of the product. We have a team here who will carefully sort out your products according to its features and organize the product information as per the categories/sub-categories for the online stores. We do it with precision and high focus on accuracy that we can deliver at the best with the team of experts even on a massive scale.

    Product Price Comparison

    With the advent of numerous websites and competitive ecommerce websites, the price variability rises incredibly. A product of same quality can show huge price difference in 5 different ecommerce websites. Our team here will collect all the important information regarding the prices of your products and tally them with the competitor websites and marketplaces and keep you updated about the individual product and category level as per its price.

    Product Information Verification

    In an ecommerce website, product selection by buyers depends on the authentic given in the website. Since there is no physical testing, we try to provide the best and most accurate information of the product so that it gives the real picture of the product. Our team verifies the product information from various sources available on the internet that ensures that the online store has accurate and relevant information.

    Product Information Enhancement

    In an industry, products are being continuously improved and upgraded to cater to the needs of the buyers. Thus, an ecommerce website should be dynamic in terms of improving product feature. Once the product is enhanced with any better feature, it should be immediately added to the website to increase and customer information. We go into deeper research of the facts, organizing additional material and updating the data on a regular basis on the specific product page.

    Product Information Management Services

    Organizing a huge domain with numerous products and their information can be a true challenge again. Our division of product information management services includes regularly updating title of the products, description and features that speak about the product directly, images that serve as a prime selling point, category/sub category level changes, price lists after comparison done with other competitive sites, changes in characteristics and all other facts as mentioned in your catalogue.

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