Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms of service before using or accessing our website. The terms and conditions furnished hereunder govern the use of our website and its content, products, and services offered by our website. The website is fully owned and operated by ContentBeats.com.

The website is available to you subject to your complete acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained in the terms of service without any modification. You hereby accept all other policies, procedures, and operating rules, including the Privacy Policy of ContentBeats.com also that might be published from time to time on this website by us.

When you access and use any part of our website, you automatically agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Kindly do not access or use website services, if you are not willing to accept all the terms and conditions presented herein.

1. Our services are available for your articles submission. We would be filling up the required forms of the various directories on your behalf only once and submit those forms for the necessary approval.

2. Even though we guarantee 100% submission to the different directories, the final approval, acceptance, and listing of your articles on the directory is solely at the discretion of the administrator or editor of the directory service except for our guaranteed links services. This is beyond our realm of responsibility and we are in no way liable if the articles are not accepted by the directory.

3. The period of time stipulated by us in our website for submission of articles to the directories is only a standard indication and would not create any binding on us. Normally, the process of directory submission is completed within the stipulated time period. However, any failure of submission within the specific time period would not create any kind of charge on us or liability on our part.

4. The "days" of submission period stipulated in our website excludes weekends and holidays.

5. We submit the articles to directories according to the PageRank of Google, with emphasis on submission to directories with top rankings at that particular time. If the PageRank of any directory changes after our submission, it would not create any liability on our part.

6. After the submission process is over and you had received and acknowledged the final submission report, we would not be responsible in any way if the directory service website does not open, de-lists your article subsequently, or changes its functionality.

7. You explicitly affirm that you are the sole owner or the authorized agent acting on the behest of the real owner and that you agree to take complete responsibility of all information provided to us.

8. You agree and ensure that the article and other information provided to us is in no way pornographic, abusive, derogatory, or detrimental to any other individual or website. You also guarantee that your information had not been and would not be classified as 'spam'.

9. There is a different pricing for adult topics, finance and real estate articles, technical topics and topics that require more research and time. For these kind of topics, please contact us at sales@contentbeats.com. If you want to get Content Writing Services for some specific business industries like adult articles, adult products, escorts services and all, a separate quotation and writer availability status will be send. Please do not order directly for this theme.

10. We reserve rights to accept or deny the online orders with or without payment due to any reason.

11. If you are ordering online, you are fully responsible for the lawfulness and correctness of the information furnished by you and we would not be responsible in any way about the genuineness of such information submitted by us to the directories on your behalf.

12. Any discount shown on any page of the website, will only be adjusted in terms of additional article or in terms of additional words in existing articles.

13. If any charge is brought about against your website, severally or jointly by the directories or due to changes in search engine algorithms, we would not become liable in any manner and you specifically agree that you would not create any charges on us.

14. If we incur any loss or damage, including but not limited to loss of goodwill, revenue, or projected profits, as a result of the submission of your articles, you would be fully liable to make adequate compensation as deemed fit by us.

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Many thanks for the project delivery on time. I was worried initially when i paid for the project on the site, but it went through properly and i am very confident about contentbeats writing services..
Sirisha, Bangalore

I took their approved article writing services for 20 articles for one of my client and i am glad to say that we got 100% approval for their all articles in ezine articles..
Martin Baron